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Emma Stone loves comic book world

by Angelic
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Appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man has given Emma Stone an insight into the boys’ world of comic books.

Emma loves that taking part in the films has opened up the whole world of comics to her, and that because her character is not as well-known as some others in the Spider-Man series, it means it is only the really hardcore fans who speak to her about it.

She plays Gwen Stacy, who was Peter Parker’s high school sweetheart. But when people think of Spidey’s love interest, most will instantly remember his other lady, Mary Jane Watson.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, Emma said, “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, Mary Jane! I know Mary Jane.’ But Gwen’s been a fun one to play because only really passionate comic book fans know the story. And that’s been a really cool introduction to the comic book world and to being in the boys’ club.”

However, there was one thing that has surprised her so far about making the films – she still doesn’t get approached too often on the street.

The 25-year-old star added, “Weirdly, I don’t meet that many super fans in my day-to-day life. I thought more people would say something about Gwen.”

Maybe they’re all too worried to approach her in case her off-screen partner Andrew Garfield swoops down as Spider-Man to chase them away…

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