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Emma Stone Glams Up Interview Magazine

by Grace
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Emma Stone graces the cover of May issue of Interview magazine:

In the last decade or so, as the big top Hollywood circus has seemingly consolidated itself around the tent poles of the scatological comedy and the superhero melodrama of teen-boy dreams, even the most talented leading ladies have to make do with slight, sexy tomboy parts or girl-next-door roles. It’s slim pickings repeatedly demonstrating how down to hang and talk sports or make toilet jokes with the fellas they are, but also, oh wait, she is actually a fiery sex pot if and when we care to take notice. But, at only 26 years of age, Emma Stone has become one of the most singular and dynamic stars in movies by shaking the dust off of these traps and filling them with a magnetism and verve all her own.

In dude-heavy fare, from her first part in Superbad (2007) to the brain-eating comedy Zombieland (2009) and the basso profundo noir Gangster Squad (2013), Stone lights up her scenes with where-the-party-at ebullience. Interrupting the regularly scheduled bro fest, she arrives—all Catwoman eyes and loose limbs; so restless she seems to blur at her edges—like someone expecting to hear a punch line and ready to roar in appreciation. Playing Gwen Stacy, across from her real-life (former?) flame Andrew Garfield, in the most recent Amazing Spider-Man movies, Stone cuts through the noise and CGI, and the underwrittenness of her part, with a warmth that could power Electro. Playing, essentially, the Great Man’s Daughter in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of outsize theatricality, Birdman, Stone provided much needed ballast with a candid, quick-focus performance—and was justly nominated for an Academy Award for her troubles. [ More ]

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