Emma Stone flaunts her love for the Padres and gets booed at Citi Field

The actress and her husband were undeterred by the hostility of Mets fans

Emma Stone and her husband Dave McCary, who are big Padres fans, were booed at Citi Field in San Diego’s 7-1 win over the Mets.

Why were they booed?

The actress and her husband were enjoying the game, dancing in the front row, when suddenly the Best Actress Oscar winner quickly realised she wasn’t in the friendly confines of Petco Park. Mets fans booed her loudly as she appeared on the jumbotron in a Padres jacket.

However, Emma refused to let the booing of the home fans ruin her moment with McCary.

The Padres’ message to Emma and her husband

Via Twitter, the Padres posted that they were big fans of Emma Stone and her husband, and accompanied their post with two photos, one showing the actress alone showing off her team crest and the other showing her with Dave.

Meanwhile, Padres CEO Erick Greupner retweeted the image of Emma in the San Diego jacket and wrote: “Style, grace and good taste…Emma is always welcome @PetcoPark.”

Now the Padres and Mets will face off in Game 2 of the series on Saturday. And needless to say, if Stone appears on the stadium’s huge screen again, it probably won’t be a warm welcome.

Emma Stone is a 33-year-old American actress who has established herself as a crowd favourite and has won numerous awards, including an Oscar, a BAFTA, a SAG and a Golden Globe for best actress for her performance in the film La La Land 2.

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