Emy. Sorry I did not see the mail until today, I’m not in Los Angeles I’m out of U.S. I ask you please to write me and when you treat me share a sincere friendship with me open your heart I protect you and when you feel a great desire to see me then it is and we agreed on the day, time and place. You will not regret it and you will be very happy, I DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING THAT WILL HURT YOU OR YOU AREPIENTAS!

    Communication is important and will give you a lot of security, I do not want to be compliant with your state of anxiety I want you to be well and to see you happy will give me great pleasure and satisfaction. My soul hurts!

    Best regards to you
    R. Mayo


    Hi I realize you have some recent videos, I see a more mature girl, I think you have a range of possibilities in the performing arts, where you can express your attributes as a dramatic actor, there is your greatest reach that will consecrate you as a great actress.

    For your dramatic performance; not because of sex, that must be left behind in the future of your career!
    My comments have no desire to harm your person, but to give you my point of view so that you shine more like a star!
    You are the perfect age to overcome which one you want to challenge, but remember that work is not mixed with feelings related to love.

    You are the perfect age to overcome challenges, but remember not to mix work with feelings related to love. Serious mistake lack of professionalism!

    Watching your videos I can know much more about your personality and give you my opinion, whenever you want! You will already know me but there will always be something new for you!

    The state of anxiety provokes a lot of desire to eat; also sleeping little allows nervous alterations among others the state of anxiety!

    I wait for your comments and open your heart, trust me!

    A greeting full of affection for you!

    R. May

  3. Emy. I regret that I could not have attended the appointment at the hotel where I would see you but here I am in communication with you expressing my feelings; wishing you much happiness and success in this year that begins!

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