Vogue Original Shorts: Emma Stone Stars in “A Way In”

In our latest Vogue.com exclusive video, watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 star as she uses a hilarious, highly unconventional method to prepare for her latest role—as a nun. Written and directed by Ruben Fleischer.


Emma Stone Spider-Man 2 Interview: “I love to swing”

We chatted to the star of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone, on her being the biggest Spice Girls fan EVER! She also told us she loves swinging. And no, she didn’t mean it that way. Interview by Stephanie Prentice. Edited by Andrea Lilly.


Emma Stone Meets Mel C From The Spice Girls!!

Emma Stone, alongside Spiderman 2 co-star Andrew Garfield, met one of her idols on the Capital Breakfast show! “Sporty Spice” from the legendary pop group The Spice Girls FaceTimed her to say hello! Emma’s reaction is priceless!